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The current fiscal year: Jan 01, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020


    Below you will find further details of Dividend, owner structure, share price and reports.


    The Board of Directors has decided not to issue shareholder dividends for 2018.

    Ownership structure

    List of the shareholders in Nustay (as per February 6, 2019)

    Name Number of shares Proportion of votes and capital(%)
    SS Holding Kolding ApS1
    3 278 636 21.5%
    Seier Capital Denmark A/S 2 856 200 18.7%
    La Dolce Vita Holding ApS2
    2 509 243 16.4%
    DBL Holding AS 1 896 250 12.4%
    Christian Strøjer Holding ApS 1 210 969 7.9%
    Magnus Kjøller Holding ApS 984 000 6.4%
    RB Investments Pte. Ltd. 657 875 4.3%
    Sarea Denmark ApS 410 000 2.7%
    Nic. Rossen Holdings ApS 278 354 1.8%
    Fonss Schroder GmbH3
    278 350 1.8%
    Lorenz AS 244 153 1.6%
    Babyrhum ApS 166 550 1.1%
    TripleM Holding ApS 155 508 1.0%
    Hotelling Holding ApS4
    146 375 1.0%
    Jeff Coe5
    141 350 0.9%
    SkovSø ApS6
    23 450 0.2%
    Simon Lajlev Larsen (CFO) 15 625 0.1%
    Costello Ventures IVS 5 000 0.01%
    Total 15 257 888 100.0%

    1Owned by board member Simon Skouboe

    2Owned by CEO and Founder Mathias Lundoe Nielsen

    3Owned by chairman Lone Fønss Schrøder

    4Owned by board member Michael Telling Jørgensen

    5For administrative reasons, the shares owned by Jeff Coe will potentially be held at a custody account in Nustay A/S’s name. Nustay A/S will not have any possibility to control these shares without the consent of Jeff Coe

    6Owned by board member Carl Erik Skovgaard

    Investment highlights

    • Nustay is a Danish company within the multi-billion dollar hotel booking market that offers its customers a new booking concept for over 1.5 million hotels worldwide based on a hybrid business model.
    • Exceptionally strong and diversified Board and team of people – for instance, Nustay’s founder and CEO has founded five e-commerce companies in the past, Nustay’s chairman is also active on the boards of e.g. Volvo Cars and IKEA and Nustay’s Chief Marketing Officer has been Head of Online Marketing at Momondo for six years.
    • Platform launched globally and live with roughly 8,600 hotel nights booked during January 2019 alone, and is now ready to scale up.
    • A business model enabling a continuous strong cash flow which in turn reduces the company’s needs for future external financing, with the goal to reach a positive marketing contribution by 2020.
    • Ability to combine the large hotel room inventory from regular travel sites with the prices of specialized B2B deal sites. In approx. 80% of all searches for hotel rooms, Nustay is on average 30% cheaper than its competitors.
    • Ability to deliver highly personalised offers to customers, based on interests and preferences.
    • Attractive direct agreement with Google Hotel Ads, and important partnership agreements in place with for example Kayak, Trivago and Momondo.
    • With additional financing from the planned IPO, Nustay’s revenue is expected to increase significantly – with a double-digit monthly growth – in the near future, as more budget is allocated towards online performance marketing activities. Nustay also plans to launch several additions to its platform such as a new customer loyalty program, a mobile app, and to launch additional hotels and holiday homes, in order to further boost the revenue and secure the long-term growth of the company.


    During 2019 and forward, Nustay’s revenue is expected to increase significantly as more budget is allocated towards online performance marketing activities. Furthermore, Nustay aims to launch a new customer loyalty program, a mobile app, and to launch additional hotels and holiday homes on its platform. Nustay’s platform is already globally scalable and highly customizable with localized content using cutting-edge frontend- and backend technologies. An increasing handled revenue continuously strengthens the company’s own cash reserves, as the company will have the customers’ advance payments in hand until the suppliers are paid. This reduces the need for additional external funding and provides more financial resources for additional marketing. When the net revenue exceeds the company’s marketing spend, which is possible through a large-enough handled revenue, Nustay will reach positive marketing contribution. The Board assesses that this will occur during 2020. In order to add capital, Nustay has decided to raise approximately DKK 21.3 million before issue costs, prior to a planned listing on Spotlight Stock Market. The capital that Nustay is provided with through the new issue is primarily intended to finance marketing of the company’s hotel booking platform to facilitate Nustay’s continued growth. The new share issue is also intended to finance other operating expenses and provide a spread in ownership to build a wide base of ambassadors and potential new customers.



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    General meeting

    An extraordinary general meeting of Nustay will be held on 17 February 2020 at 10:00 (CET) at Gorrissen Federspiel Advokatpartnerselskab, Axeltorv 2, DK-1609 Copenhagen V.

    All information relating to the general meeting may be found in the documents below. At the day of the notice of the extraordinary general meeting, Nustay’s nominal share capital amounted to DKK 728,826.60 divided into 18,220,665 shares of DKK 0.04 each or multiples thereof. Each share of the nominal value of DKK 0.04 carries one vote.

    We encourage our shareholders to register their email address via our InvestorPortal at which you can also register your vote, provide proxy and request admission cards.

    Spotlight Stock Market

    Nustay has decided to list on the Swedish Spotlight Stock Market, more details can be found at